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Highland Park Whisky Appreciates a Dram and a Draft

March 10, 2016
Highland Park's Dram & a Draft Event in Dallas wowed us with terrific pairings of beer and Scotch | SwineAndSwill.com

Recently, the esteemed whisky label Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky hosted a really cool event where a few of their expressions were paired with beer — a brilliant idea that also tasted pretty freakin’ good.

For the “Dram and a Draft” event, at Meddlesome Moth, a group of professional sippers were presented with three pairings: Southern Star’s Bombshell Blond and Highland Park 12; Dogfish Head IBA and Highland Park 18; and New Holland Brewing Company’s Dragon’s Milk and Highland Park Dark Origins.

Honestly, I was wary about the pairings, since I’d never tried such combos before; but I was intrigued! And what a revelation — these pairings were incredible! We were instructed to sip the whisky first, let it coat our palate, then take a swig of beer, rinse and repeat. I especially loved how each beverage primed your palate for the other beverage. It was the most wonderful flavor spiral, and my favorite marriage was the Dogfish IBA and Highland Park 18 — the coffee notes of the IBA sussed out the delicate smoke notes of the 18-year aged spirit. A close second, however, was the Dragon’s Milk and Dark Origins combo — the hints of caramel in the latter mingled nicely with the chocolatey flavors of the Dragon’s Milk. File under “Yum”!

My suggestion: Get yourself two (or more!) of these beers and whiskies and have a pairing party of your own, because any and all of these will delight your taste buds. Till then, enjoy some scenes from the Dram and Draft event.

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