About Us

Have you ever loved something so hard you wanted to shout it out to the world? Well, that’s how we feel about pork (especially bacon. Of course.), spirits, cocktails and craft beer. So we put our heads together and decided to create this, our bloggy ode to great pork and great liquor and beer.

This blog’s sole purpose is to share our love of all of the above, in as many iterations as we can stuff into our faces, both here in Dallas and everywhere that has pork and spirits and beer. Which is everywhere. To that end, we’ll use this space to shout out fantastic pork plates we encounter at restaurants; the finest cocktails — and the folks who whip ’em up; superb spirits we love to sip; beers and ciders we can’t get enough of, as well as the breweries that crank them out; and, eventually recipes for some top-notch cocktails and pork-centric entrees. Hungry yet?

We’ve been so looking forward to kicking this blog off, and we hope you love it as much as we do, and follow along with our adventures. But, hey — this is an About Us page, so here’s a little more. About us. Our history and the road to Swine & Swill is a love story of sorts — hope you love it.

About Jerry

Photo by Bret Redman

Photo by Bret Redman

I grew up taking machines apart for fun, which developed into owning my own computer repair business in Dallas. I was always a beer guy, until I started hanging out with Farah, a longtime cocktail fiend. I soon gained a great appreciation for and interest in craft cocktails and the artistry behind it, and ever since a visit to the 2014 San Antonio Cocktail Conference, my absolute bloodlust for cocktail and spirits knowledge has only grown.

My favorite beer: Lakewood Temptress

My favorite cocktail: Old Fashioned

My favorite dish featuring pork: Bacon anything

About Farah

Photo by Shot by Carole

Photo by Shot by Carole

As a longtime print newspaper writer, I moseyed into online media with the 2010 launch of my first blog baby, The Dallas Diva. I’ve loved covering dining, restaurants, travel and cocktails so I’m super-proud to develop such a fun blog concept with my partner, Jerry — needless to say, it’s the combination of so many of my loves!

As Jerry said, I’ve always been a cocktail lover, but he introduced me to the world of craft beer (which made me realize I was wrong to start out with Bud Lite)! As for pork? I’ve loved it long time, since Mom’s bacon and bacon grease-fried eggs sent me off to school on a tasty note.

My favorite beer: Right now? Revolver‘s Blood & Honey (but ask me again in a month!)

My favorite cocktail: Moscow Mule

My favorite dish featuring pork: A pasta carbonara I had in Paris, flecked with guanciale (pork jowl). Sinfully sumptuous.