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Spice Up Your Shots with Himalayan Salt Glasses

June 29, 2017
Spice Up Your Shots with Salt Glasses! | SwineAndSwill.com
By Patrick Gary, Contributor

Most of what I review is the liquid that goes into glasses. In this case, I had the novel opportunity to review the container itself. Root7 is making shot glasses from pure Himalayan pink rock salt, which both is a lovely way to present the drink and provides the salty taste that completes a tequila shot.

It does require careful care, as these are not machine-washable, nor are they supposed to have liquid kept in them for long. Salt is a natural preservative and antibacterial agent, though, so the glassware should be fine for continued home use as long as it is stored correctly.

Correct storage should be relatively easy, as the box provided is solid, and closed by magnetic clasps, so the glasses can be protected from accidental drops or spills. They also come with a wooden serving board for display or for lining up tequila shots for a small party.

Which leads us to the question “Is it worth having?” In my opinion, that depends on one main thing. If you are a regular tequila drinker, this is a great addition to your bar. The glasses are striking and each set is unique. They are limited though, as there aren’t many other options for drinks that improve with salt that are served in 1.5-2 oz servings. At around $20 (purchase here), this is more for the serious tequila fan more than the casual consumer, especially one who focuses more on other spirits.

[Disclosure: Root7 provided Swine & Swill with a complimentary set of shot glasses. The opinions here are the writer’s own. This post contains affiliate links.]

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