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Spice Up Your Shots with Himalayan Salt Glasses

June 29, 2017
Spice Up Your Shots with Salt Glasses! |
By Patrick Gary, Contributor

Most of what I review is the liquid that goes into glasses. In this case, I had the novel opportunity to review the container itself. Root7 is making shot glasses from pure Himalayan pink rock salt, which both is a lovely way to present the drink and provides the salty taste that completes a tequila shot.

It does require careful care, as these are not machine-washable, nor are they supposed to have liquid kept in them for long. Salt is a natural preservative and antibacterial agent, though, so the glassware should be fine for continued home use as long as it is stored correctly.

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Swill & Suds

Product We Love: Bytox, the hangover patch

February 4, 2015

Disclosure: Bytox provided Jerry and I with a supply of patches for SACC. These opinions from my experience are all my own.

Hangovers — who doesn’t hate ’em? As Jerry and I embark on this journey that is Swine & Swill, my concern has grown considerably about the aftermath of all the swilling we do (and will do!) for the blog. First, a little context about my personal hangover history …

Once upon a time, I could drink you under the table — you AND your friend. And it took a LOT for me to experience a hangover. But then I did a liver cleanse (no dairy, no meat, no sugar, no caffeine, no liquor) one February a couple years ago, and my liquor tolerance just died. And in the years since the cleanse, a funky thing has started happening — pesky hangover symptoms have started landing the same night as drinking, even before I went to bed. I couldn’t even enjoy any kind of buzz! Boooo!

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