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Kona Brewing Brings Island-Fruity IPA to Dallas

May 25, 2017
Island-Fruity IPA Hits Dallas |
By Patrick Gary, Contributor

After more than a year of waiting, Kona Brewing Co. has finally rolled its tribute to Kauai out to the U.S. mainland. Hanalei Island IPA is a smooth, sessionable IPA with mild fruity notes that come from the POG (passionfruit, orange and guava) mash. For those who have not traveled to Hawaii, POG is omnipresent on the islands but practically unheard of once you leave.

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It’s Big Texas Beer Fest Time Again!

March 19, 2017
Big Texas Beer Fest 2017 Is On! |

Late March/early April are heading our way quick, which means … so is this year’s Big Texas Beer Fest! Yeehaw and bottoms up!

The annual beer-sipping extravaganza is coming back to Fair Park and bringing its usual super-extensive slate of craft beers from Dallas, Texas, the US and the world over. Beginning last year, BTBF became a two-day affair, and it seems that format was popular enough to be repeated this month. The Friday and Saturday sessions are the same, except for the live-band lineup. So whichever day you go, you’ll be sure to enjoy brews aplenty.

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Big News at Swine & Swill HQ!

October 24, 2016
Big News from The Swine Team |

If you’ve noticed things have been a bit silent here on the blog, it’s because Swine & Swill has been working through a huge development that should turn out to be as much of an adventure for you, our readers, as it has for us!

Last month, I accepted a job as an English teacher in Korea, just north of Seoul. So I’m living in Korea!! Woohoo, right?! Anyway, the craziness leading up to the move (between language learning and teaching cert-getting, I’ve been working on this since January) made even semi-regular blogging really, really tough, for both me and Jerry (he’s staying in the States). Now that the dust is settling on our move out of our shared place in Dallas, we hope to get back into a better blogging rhythm. PLUS — we still hope to continue to get more help from our contributors Patrick Gary and Patrick St. Jean covering goings-on in Dallas along with Jerry.

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Malai Kitchen’s Brewmaster Talks Suds and Strategy

August 25, 2016

Since its inception, I’ve loved and admired the in-house beer program at Malai Kitchen, particularly how well the restaurant’s Thai-Vietnamese fusion food goes with its Asian-based brews. This year, the Dallas-born restaurant marked two new milestones that have expanded its beer pedigree: a new branch in Southlake serving up amazing suds and the spring arrival of a new brewmaster, Matt Reynolds. Both have brought a ton of terrific anticipation and excitement to the brainchild of co-owners Yasmin and Braden Wages, and the latter addition brings a varied and super-interesting mix of skills to the table.

Reynolds, a University of North Texas grad, has a background and degree in engineering and while working in that field professionally, he honed his talents in beer making as part of the local home-brewing scene. So much so that when the Malai brewer gig opened up, he jumped at the chance to turn his hobby into his new profession.

I had the chance to pick Reynolds’ brain about his brewmastery — here’s what he had to say about his approach and plans at Malai.

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The Swine & Swill 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

December 16, 2015
Holiday beer and liquor gift guide |

What do you get the lush and bon vivant who has everything? If you’re thirsty for ideas, we’re here to help: Swine & Swill is proud to present its first-ever holiday gift guide! In the next several paragraphs, you’ll find recommendations for cool, quirky and just plain outstanding presents for those who love spirits, beer and booze-oriented tools, for all kinds of budget levels. Cheers to a good year of gift-giving! Oh, and keep in mind — most of these make killer gifts to yourself!

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My North Texas Beer Week Wish List

November 6, 2015
North Texas Beer Week |

North Texas Beer Week is back to lift beer lovers from Dallas to Fort Worth to Denton to sudsy nirvana. This year’s celebration features more than 400 events from today through Sunday, Nov. 15, so not only would you be crazy not to make time to hit up one or more of them, but you can be sure to find some event to rave about. Foodies can find a multitude of beer pairing meals; hopheads can lean toward any number of IPA-forward tastings and tappings; even fruity beer lovers have an event to emblazon on their calendar. Best part? There’s seemingly an activity or party for every interest in between.

Here’s a list of the events that caught my eye and that I’d totally attend if I could survive attending NTX Beer Week every damn day. For the rest of the gigantic lineup, go straight to the source at NTX Beer Week’s homepage.

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Workout Turns Brewery Moves Into Fitness

November 5, 2015

If I were going to do any kind of hardcore workout, it would ideally involve something I love like dancing or jumping in place. This Saturday, another of my loves will be incorporated into a fitness regimen: BEER! The third annual Brew HaHa is back, with Dallas’ Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense teaming up with the new Oak Highlands Brewery for a workout that makes use of brewery tools as well as common movements a typical brewer would repeat at work. In addition to the benefits of a healthy hour of fitness, the event is putting proceeds toward local nonprofit Genesis Women’s Shelter. Read on …

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Tasting the new Guinness Nitro IPA

October 6, 2015

Ed. Note: Our intrepid contibutor, Patrick St. Jean, ventured out to Savor Restaurant in Dallas last week to check out Guinness’ latest iteration.

By Patrick St. Jean

Last Tuesday evening, we headed down to Savor Gastropub near Klyde Warren Park in Dallas for the introduction of Guinness’ new Nitro IPA. We got there a little bit early and spent some time talking to Ian Colgan, Guinness’ Beer Ambassador, as well as the American staff helping him out. Our group was seated outside, much to the delight of the folks from Guinness, as they were enjoying our lovely local weather.

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Beer massages are a thing in Denver

August 6, 2015

We’ve just returned from a terrific trip to Colorado, and while we were there –- as guests of esteemed hotel brand Ritz-Carlton – I was offered the Mile High Malt Scrub and Microbrew Massage at the Denver location’s spa. I never thought I’d ever get a rubdown of hops and malt, and, happily, the treatment lived up to its quirky hype.

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