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Swine tasting: Ribs and sausage at Hutchins BBQ

March 22, 2015

When I got the chance to partake of the much-lauded barbecue at McKinney’s Hutchins BBQ a few weeks ago, I cheered … despite the distance! Yes, it’s a trek, but, verily, I say — ’tis worth it, particularly the pork.

For the uninitiated, Hutchins is a super-rustic family-owned ‘cue joint that Roy Hutchins opened in 1978; son Tim is owner and GM now. The restaurant uses pecan wood in its smoker, makes its own spicy-sweet sauce and has a robust catering business, too. Any party they’re catering, I wanna be invited to, because the meats here blew this picky BBQ foodie away.

The brisket was wonderfully marbled (I like mine on the fatty side) and among the best and most tender I’ve had in this area. And if you’ve never had burnt ends — those crisp corners of a brisket — this is a great spot to get initiated: Their crusty exterior and tender insides are instantly addictive.

But we’re all about pork here, so let’s get to it! At this dinner, I dug into Hutchins’ zesty, zippy jalapeno-cheddar sausage, which went really well with the creamy potato salad. Flecks of cheese and pepper in a sausage link? What’s not to like? How I would love to take some home and scramble it into some eggs for breakfast … hmmm.

The Hutchins team also brought around some ribs, which were ideally smoky but not so much that it overpowered the subtle pork flavor of the fork-tender meat. This made them delish with and without barbecue sauce. I was torn, really, because that barbecue sauce was pretty damn good, too!

Due to the drive, I can’t say I’ll visit the original Hutchins very often, but their second location, in Frisco, will tempt me with non-calorie-free barbecue decadence every time I’m in that neck of the woods. Damn Thank you, Hutchins …

Hutchins BBQ

1301 N. Tennesse St., McKinney
9225 Preston Road, Frisco

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