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Big News at Swine & Swill HQ!

October 24, 2016
Big News from The Swine Team | SwineAndSwill.com

If you’ve noticed things have been a bit silent here on the blog, it’s because Swine & Swill has been working through a huge development that should turn out to be as much of an adventure for you, our readers, as it has for us!

Last month, I accepted a job as an English teacher in Korea, just north of Seoul. So I’m living in Korea!! Woohoo, right?! Anyway, the craziness leading up to the move (between language learning and teaching cert-getting, I’ve been working on this since January) made even semi-regular blogging really, really tough, for both me and Jerry (he’s staying in the States). Now that the dust is settling on our move out of our shared place in Dallas, we hope to get back into a better blogging rhythm. PLUS — we still hope to continue to get more help from our contributors Patrick Gary and Patrick St. Jean covering goings-on in Dallas along with Jerry.

Super-mega-PLUS: Once I get some drinking and dining buds here in Korea, I plan on diving deep into the drinking scene and boozy traditions here! Actually, I’ve kind’ve already started, with a trip to the Great Korean Beer Fest (above) a few weeks ago — what a blast!

I’m starting to get inklings of spots that have true craft cocktail programs (as opposed to the college dive bar-level drinks I’ve thus far run into), so I hope to explore that. For now, I’m riding the growing craft beer wave! And, bonus — pork is life here in Korea, so I want to cover some cool angles there, too.

Anyway, that’s the news! For some more details, check out my post over at The Dallas Diva about my move! Now that I’ve announced, I can post to Instagram, so look out for related booze or pork posts from my daily life!

Cheers from Asia!

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