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Swill Sampling: Milagro’s Unico II tequila

March 17, 2015

This past week, I had the distinct pleasure of savoring the high-end, super-premium tequila from Milagro Tequila called Unico II. Milagro’s brand ambassador JP de Loera met me at Dallas’ Henry’s Majestic for sipping the spirit and sampling of cocktails (and Henry’s Majestic’s killer food) while teaching me about the small-batch tequila. As always when I get some educatin’ from JP, I come away with a new appreciation of tequila. Here’s why …

The Unico II (dos) boasts a unique production method, and it gets the dos designation for being the second batch of this premium iteration. Milagro makes the stuff in a micro-distillery separate from its giant distillery, creating Unico with a base of aged silver tequila. That base is then blended with barrel-aged reposado and añejo reserves and charcoal-filtered once to produce a criminally smooth and sumptuous Unico II. The blend is poured into a tall, sleek, sexy-as-hell bottle with an agave molded into the base — it’s definitely a conversation piece. You know, when you don’t have a mouth full of Unico II to contend with! On that note, let’s move on to the tasting.

Swill Tasting the Milagro Unico II | SwineAndSwill.com

Surely JP is social media-ing about the charms of the Unico II …

Nose: There’s not much to tell — I discerned a hint of oak, but it was just the faintest touch.

Taste: There’s not much to tell, part dos. The Unico is so tremendously smooth that all I tasted was slightest note of vanilla, but the rest was very clean and bright on the palate. And so very (dangerously) light. When I asked JP whether this was a sipper or a mixer tequila, he said Unico succeeds either way. Personally, if I’m paying $300 for this ultra-premium spirit, I’d enjoy it as a sipper; I suppose I could call it a bartender’s challenge to concoct something that wouldn’t downright overpower the Unico II, but it’s such a pleasure to sip on its own, I’d use up the vast majority of the bottle doing just that!

So if you’re serious about your tequila and are seeking a rare, small-batch treasure, I highly recommend Milagro’s silky Unico II … and inviting me over for a glass!

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