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Workout Turns Brewery Moves Into Fitness

November 5, 2015

If I were going to do any kind of hardcore workout, it would ideally involve something I love like dancing or jumping in place. This Saturday, another of my loves will be incorporated into a fitness regimen: BEER! The third annual Brew HaHa is back, with Dallas’ Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense teaming up with the new Oak Highlands Brewery for a workout that makes use of brewery tools as well as common movements a typical brewer would repeat at work. In addition to the benefits of a healthy hour of fitness, the event is putting proceeds toward local nonprofit Genesis Women’s Shelter. Read on …

Leading the class will be Nick Chamberlain from the self-defense studio — a 10th degreee black belt! In addition to the brew master moves, he’ll incorporate martial arts techniques in an interval circuit training-style regimen. Think punching bag drills, grain bag squats and tosses, keg hoists and maneuvering bags of barley. Plus, you can do the “Break a Board for a Buck,” where for $1 you’ll be taught how to break a wooden plank with your bare hand — coolness! Make sure to get that business on video! The bucks from this feature will benefit Genesis.

The hourlong class is $20 and open to ages 8 and up (kids require parental supervision), which includes the workout, a pint glass, three Oak Highlands Brewery beers, music and games. The first 30 participants will also get a Brew HaHa T-shirt and all attendees will be entered to win a free month of karate at Chamberlain Studios. If you work up a hunger during the workout, fear not: the new Potbelly food truck will be on site with items for purchase.

If you want to kick your charity into as high a gear as your heart rate, bring some extra dollars or food/grocery gift cards to donate to Genesis; the organization does a great service in providing shelter, safety and counseling to those in the midst of domestic violence.

Besides that, arrive in your comfiest gym clothes ready to move; doors open at 10:30, and the workout kicks off at 11. Check out this video to see what you might be in for!

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