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Have beer for breakfast with Meddlesome Moth, Jester King

March 25, 2015

Most brunches tend to get fairly boozy as it is, but have you ever had beer with breakfast? Meddlesome Moth and Austin’s Jester King Brewery are joining forces to make this dream a reality. Read on …

On Saturday, April 4, the Design District gastropub will host a Beer Breakfast, with four courses and five beers from the Hill Country brewing company. The funky part is that some of the beers will be inventive variations on Jester King’s Noble King Hoppy Farmhouse Ale. So the Snörkel Farmhouse Ale with oyster mushroom and sea salt will unite with a tamagoyaki, pork belly, bonito, nori and sea bean salad, and a Texas pastrami biscuit with beef jerky marmalade and smoked pecans will be paired with the Figlet Farmhouse Ale, which is fermented with smoked figs. As if original versions of Jester King’s brews don’t get hopheads excited enough — this lineup should cause heads to roll with excitement! But, wait — there’s more!

Jester King founder Jeffery Stuffings will be in attendance at Beer Breakfast for  a meet and greet. I can almost hear some of y’all’s heads exploding. Well, don’t just sit there, buy your way in!

Tickets for this 10:30 a.m. meal are $65 plus an Eventbrite fee; view the full menu here and snag your tickets here.

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